Haifa, Tel Aviv top 10bis list of best cities in world for falafel – The Jerusalem Post

Haifa and Tel Aviv are the best cities in the world to eat falafel, according to Israeli food delivery service 10bis.

The company ranked the top cities in the world for falafel by analyzing 27 million reviews of over 450,000 restaurants in 61 different cities around the world, using a text search to find mentions of the word “falafel” and weighing reviews and the prevalence of falafel restaurants in each city to rate each city from 0-10.

Haifa topped the list, scoring 9.07, followed by Tel Aviv at 8.7 and Beirut and Jerusalem at 7.92.

10bis noted that although only 4% of restaurants in Haifa offered falafel, the quality was rated 4.67/5. Though Tel Aviv had a lower rating in this regard, the city boasted 13 falafel restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants, while Haifa only had 9.


Beirut, Lebanon, was tied with Jerusalem in third place. Beirut’s falafel was the third-highest rated among all world capitals at 4.54/5. On the other hand, 9.36 percent of Jerusalem restaurants specialized in falafel, more than Haifa and Tel Aviv.